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Board type furniture stylist

Job duties:
1.responsible for product design drawings of the draw, participate in furniture of new product development.
2.Be responsible for reviewing customer provides the design drawings, participation and follow up the new product drafting work and production process design
3. industrial design and related professional, college or above;
4.Be familiar with the basic structure of furniture knowledge, processing technology, have furniture design computer drawing ability, skillfully use AUTOCAD software
5.Have special creation ability, be full of challenge, learning, cooperation spirit.
Position requires:
1.Above senior high school degree or relevant working experience.
2.Male, the thought is agile, plasticity,
3.Good design strength, two years or above working experience in furniture design;
4.To mobilize.

Translation of foreign trade

Job duties:translation
Position requires:
1.Bachelor degree or above, majoring in foreign trade related field, familiar with export procedures;
2.Ask for English cet 6 or above, fluent oral English, I heard that ability strong;
3.Three years' foreign trade experience, furniture industry the foreign trade work experience first;
4.Good communication and coordination ability.
5.Live in fengxian.

Workshop director

Job responsibilities:
1.Host or assist to plant personnel management;
2.Host or assist to plant quality management;
3.Host or assist to shop schedule management;
4.Host or assist to plant equipment maintenance management;
Position requires:
1.College degree or above, major in any; No above but has the production management experience also can;
2.Have three years work experience, be engaged in production management more than one year;
3.Has certain organization, coordination, analysis and problem solving ability;
4.Good at communication, a clear and organized, industrious.
5.Live in fengxian.

Finance supervisor

Job responsibilities:
1.Responsible for the overall financial branch work, timely report to the financial statements, financial management condition and operation result, can offer the decision basis for the general manager;
2.Security company property safety, ensure assets security and integrity, strict implementation of headquarters management system and business process, be responsible for making branch relevant financial management system and various business process;
3.Finish headquarters and branch manager arrangement of each work, obedience to a superior daily management arrangements.
Position requires:
1.Live in Shanghai's becoming;
2.College degree or above, more than 5 years experience in financial management;
3.Have good financial analysis and judgment ability, communication and team management ability;
4.Honesty is professional, practical, work a strong sense of responsibility;

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