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WenChao furniture after-sales service department, "take the customer as the focus, to listen to customer aspiration, guarantee product quality, quick service in place, promote the lasting win-win" principle of service, improve customer satisfaction, build harmonious warm federal service system. Therefore, the company formed a professional service team, for the joining trader and consumers to provide high quality, efficient, timely, professional one-stop service, 24 hours for you to solve all kinds of problems. High value-added brand, a full range of human services, make WenChao furniture not only become household products provider, more thoughtful and meticulous service.
Free delivery, relaxed have
We provide you with WenChao furniture sell specified within the scope of the free delivery and installation services.
Installation acceptance
Goods into the door, please specify piled up and installation of accurate location, such as goods more or product structure is relatively complicated, we installation workers may be in your home work a few hours or even need more long time.Installed after the clean furniture and installation site, installation workers will please you acceptance and sign the documents.Acceptance on the attention: the product's surface quality is qualified, cupboard door, drawer and other activities parts for open flexible.
Warranty, the warranty service commitment
WenChao furniture to customer commitment to provide "one year warranty, life-long maintenance" service
 Since the delivery within one year internal quality causes product can't normal users, WenChao furniture provide free repair, change, refund services; Software kind of furniture (sofa series) from delivery within three months from the date of original appeared quality problem, such as the need to change or return, WenChao furniture will be charged from the date of delivery according to the settlement price every One over one thousand of depreciation cost;
Three services provided in order: repair, change, return money. Products by maintenance still can't meet the application requirements, can be replace the same product;If there is no the same product replacement, replaceable bought the same type products; If above conditions are not met, could be return. Note: glass, the original electric appliances, lamps and lanterns, makeup mirror is not warranty, please care;
In the product warranty period, such as product by human reason damaged, WenChao furniture to provide customers with service, only charge service cost of production; In the product warranty period outside, any cause damage to the product, WenChao furniture can provide high-quality low maintenance service, but not be replacement or return;
If the customer need, WenChao furniture can provide products to remove, packaging, installation service, number of times unlimited, only charge a reasonable cost of production;
After receiving the complaint phone call within 24 hours of the reply, 48 hours treatment scheme is given, the Shanghai area three days door-to-door service. WenChao furniture installation workers in the implementation of the above service for the customer, shall, before proforma please customers show purchase contract or receiving documents, to determine whether it belongs to the scope of services.
Note: this does not apply to indicate the promise has no 3 packets of service preference products.

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